Fast Poems

by MC Dara Z



"Words escape when a cigarette will do," raps MC Dara Z, "but I keep my pen near, if it will prove useful." Dara's pen does indeed prove useful on "Fast Poems," her new EP for Growroom Productions. Across four tracks that surge with throwback, hip-hop beats, Dara unspools confessional lyrics with a laid-back, jazzy flow, her syllables and similes tumbling forth. The self-described "D.C.'s daughter" tackles lust and love on "Fireball," pens a tribute to Boundary Stone on "Ode to a Bar," holds onto a broken relationship on "Superhero Love," and explores a "nicotine haze for daze" on the glitched-out and glimmering "Lone Wolf Woman."


released December 29, 2017

Recorded at: The Growroom, Hyattsville, MD

All lyrics, melodies, and vocals by: Dara Zycherman
Beats by: The Passion Hi-Fi
Produced by: Mylie Durham IV for Growroom Productions
Mixed by: Mylie Durham IV

Mastered by: Mylie Durham IV

Cover, photos, and layout: Mylie Durham IV and Dara Zycherman

Thank you’s …
Lee Durham: Once again, you came to my musical rescue. Thanks so much for pulling this together with your genuine support and attention to detail // Jeremy Wells and Jocelyn Arem: Thanks for being my music sounding boards (haha) and encouraging my every note. Your feedback and advice was perfect as usual.




Growroom Productions Washington, D.C.

Coming Soon :
Badassassins - 'No Worries b/w I Don't Care' April 12
Aleutian Arc - 'The Berlin Tapestry Tapes' TBA
igloo two - semdr : remixed TBA

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