[ep] remixed

by igloo two



igloo two's first release, [ep], remixed by some of the DC area's best djs and producers.

Echoes and imagery ooze from deep within the frozen fortress that is igloo two. Through this re-imagined menagerie of sample-based creatures, a new hybrid is born – part man, part beast, part machine. The trip hops from jangly soulful beats to blissful brainwave vibrations to the edges of insanity, but always lands safely on a dense bed of bouncing rhythm that defies even the stiffest neck to remain still. This is the kind of music that may feel strangely familiar, as if you once heard it in a dream or coming from a distant window as you walked down the street. An ethereal nostalgia combines with futuristic experimentation in this infinitely listenable, danceable or just chillable collection. The opening track, knife fork, interlaces a windy, watery world with tingly threads of virtual reality. The closing track, drive around, conjures images of the bright lights and daily drama of an insect metropolis. The rest of the ep spans all the space inbetween. Grab a handful of whatever sets your mind at ease and prepare to embark.

Astronaut Jones (n): a DC/Baltimore-based groovemaking duo using vintage noisemakers and digital gear. (adj): born of both the past and future.
Astronaut Jones began in Summer 2013 as a collaboration between Max Kuzmyak and Satya Thallam. Having played together in various soul and jazz groups in the DC area for years, this project exploits their love of classic R&B and mixes it with modern electronic environments.

retrospect lns: The main alias of Mukisa Williams. DC-based instrumentalist, producer and artist. Founder of Color Council Recordings.

Honest Lee: Mylie Durham IV has been crafting funky, soulful music for over 20 years in the DC area and showcasing it through his label, Growroom Productions. As DJ Honest Lee, he has exhibited exquisite taste and let the sounds of the city guide his sets. As a drummer, he has laid the backbeat for many groups such as The Mighty Heard, The Funk Ark, Nappy Riddem and currently The Harry Bells and Three Man Soul Machine. As a producer, he has had his talents utilized by the Maryland Public Theater troupe and had his works showcased in the DC Fringe Festival. He is one half of the analog/electronic duo, igloo two.

FADE: (Futuristic And Dynamic Elements) hailing from the "DMV" has been fascinated by the ability of ART to convey more than the sum its part since an early age. The prolific Earl the pearl contributed mixing & additional arranging on this mix.

Cubismo: An all-around artist and educator, Alan Prunier's love of music was encouraged as a child by listening non-stop to Prokoviev's Peter and the Wolf and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. By 15 he was gigging on guitar at jazz clubs in the D.C. area, such as Twins Lounge and HR-57. He started making beats after watching members of igloo two and cutting his teeth at writing raps under the alias Cubismo. He quickly took to Garage Band, then stepped up to a Roland MV 8000 to get that classic Golden Era lost-technology sound. Currently, he can be found composing songs, teaching English, and performing improv and sketch comedy in the DMV.
For serious inquiries contact froggy3productions@gmail.com

Trev-ski: Washington DC based producer/dj. Runs Audio Zen, co-member of MOdERN CLASS. Has released on Retrospective Records, with forthcoming EP on Atlantic Rhythms Records.

OZKER: (Sleeper Cell Productions / Blisspop / OM Design Systems, DC)
While the District of Columbia has seen a fluctuation of creative types recently, few artists have influenced the scene as OZKER. Organic and locally grown, OZKER has established himself in the past few years as one of DC’s hardest working DJs, producers, and graphic designers, all the while spreading that undeniable aura of being a loveable, huggable type of guy. His devotion to the infectious groove and its counterpart, the bottomless beat, is matched only by his devotion to that trademark follicle foliage that you’re bound to see bobbing up and down behind turntables throughout the city!
He holds several residencies in Washington D.C., including nights at U Street Music Hall, Marvin, Rock & Roll Hotel, Dodge City & The Velvet Lounge.

Vincet Allen Rado: Vincent has been performing music in the D.C. area since age 13, as part of his father's band Little Red & the Renegades, with various jazz combos, and on his own as an electronic musician. His music has appeared on WPFW 89.3 FM and WERA 96.7 FM. Rado currently attends George Mason University where he is working on a career oriented at legalization of psychedelics. Co-founder of the DC Psychedelic Society.


released March 10, 2017

All remixes made with stems from igloo two [ep] with no additional uncleared samples.
Originally released November 27, 2015
All instruments performed by Dan Bradley and Mylie Durham IV





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