1. Cyclovergent Visions
    Slanigiro Renguez

  2. Future Resolution
    Well, Bunuel.

  3. WORD [Instrumentals & Bubble Bath Remixes]
    The Mighty Heard

  4. Was
    Dayvd Beach

  5. Last Call for Lion's Milk
    Honest Lee

  6. [blends]

  7. WORD
    The Mighty Heard

  8. Heavy Wet Denim

  9. Solera
    Honest Lee

  10. semdr : remixed
    igloo two

  11. Still High / Karma
    The Mighty Heard

  12. No Worries b/w I Don't Care

  13. The Berlin Tapestry Tapes
    Aleutian Arc

  14. lazy daze / earthier substance : remixed
    igloo two

  15. Sampler Platter Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  16. Valentine's EP
    Three Man Soul Machine

  17. Squeeze and Release
    Slanigiro Renguez

  18. silver eyes meets doctor robot
    igloo two

  19. Fast Poems
    MC Dara Z

  20. Hold On (I'm Comin' Home)
    Three Man Soul Machine

  21. "Kingman Island" EP : REMIXED
    The Harry Bells

  22. [ep] remixed
    igloo two

  23. Fragments
    Dara Z

  24. Box of Chocolates EP
    Forrest Fire

  25. Appetizer for Destruction

  26. [ep]
    igloo two


  28. The Spook Who Sat by the Door
    Dullah D and Guests

  29. SBV 2000
    Savage Badger Vag's

  30. lazy daze / hammock
    igloo two

  31. Live @ Spaghetti Fest '09 [ep]
    The Mighty Heard

  32. Golden Era instrumentals Pt 1

  33. Stay in the Freezer
    John John & the Handjobs

  34. the silver eyes ep
    igloo two

  35. Growroom Sampler Platter Vol. 1

  36. Too Many Styles (Comedy)
    Abdullah da Butcher

  37. Honest Lee Re-Edits PART 1
    DJ Honest Lee

  38. Honest Lee Re-Edits PART 2
    DJ Honest Lee

  39. Honest Lee Re-Edits PART 3
    DJ Honest Lee

  40. Honest Lee Re-Edits PART 4
    DJ Honest Lee

  41. Honest Lee Re-Edits PART 5
    DJ Honest Lee

  42. Sam & Dave Re-Edits
    DJ Honest Lee

  43. Sam Cooke Tribute EP
    DJ Honest Lee

  44. How I Got Over [Honest Lee Re-Edit]
    DJ Honest Lee


Growroom Productions Hyattsville, Maryland

May 7 2021
Three Man Soul Machine - 3 By 3
May 21 2021
Hyper Battle - Forest

Started in 2004, the Growroom has been an outlet for PG and DC based creativity specializing in film, recording, & live shows.

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