Stay in the Freezer

by John John & the Handjobs



How Men Fall in Love: The 3 Prong Way

Does anyone know if there is any way to get a guy to say "Hey Honey, I'm gonna go rip out some brainal cavities from some guy's face because I think he might have dreamed of you on a slip-n-slide." instead of "hey baby, let me rub them tits for no money down on a car or some shit." The answer is yes, there are so many easy ways to get commital, hair-having men into a loving relationship, with no upfront cost to you.

Below is outlined the 3 Prong Way, brought to you by Rep. Cornielius Gay Teenagers of Madagascar (Q) who recently studied Women's Horticulture Methods and Theory from deer who had sex. So put on some sweatpants with ass writings and let's get to work

Prong 1: Don't ever tell kids you're sorry.
Kids will molest you if they get a chance and men dont like you to show weakness when there's signs of danger. Think of them like women.

Prong 2: Put his pants in the dryer when he's not looking.
He will laugh all day!

Prong 3:: Drink more pickle juice.
Recent studies have shown that men cannot resist the smell of sodium monoxide which occurs naturally in pickle juice. Crush some oreos in there from time to time. It shows him that you have national pride and can bear fruit.

As you can see, The 3 Prong Way already worked for you. Take an interest in wildlife and teach them The 3 Prong way. You will understand in time.


cooliarn and little baby superman went out one night. they got real tore up. they drank multiple things poured into containers of alcohol.

little baby superman started thinking about how much she was gonna sleep the next night. she failed to understand that since she slept underneath a part of the country that ate sausage biscuits she would never get her pillows back.

cooliarn leaned on colin powell jr.

"you know that device in the corner over there" says cooliarn.

"yea, the one that's robotic." colin powel jr. replies

"did you know that I made it pancakes the other day and it touched its heart?!"

"yea, that was sweet of it."

"yea, well, i dont think it ate them"

"pigs in a blanket, next time"


released December 2, 2009

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the Handjobs - belly button



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